it's about the attitude!

At Millpond we combine FAST efficient service, with a pleasant attitude to provide you with a good puchase experience. We apply the GOLDEN RULE* in all our dealings whether buying your items or selling.

*Golden rule = treat others as you wish to be treated.
MILLPOND__________The Other GUYS!
Everything shipped tracked, no exception. Everything shipped tracked, no exception.
MILLPOND stands behind our products and suppliers. If you have a problem, let us know and we'll make it right. We aren't liable for sealed records that have manufacturing defects. These can be returned to the manufacturer. If you wish to return it to us, we will have to deduct part of the return shipping cost, as well as any paypal fees from your refund. Sorry but manufacturing defects aren't our fault. We're not Amazon, we're a small family business and can't take a return on something because it has some minor crackling, especially if you have a Crosley or Victrola. Please try to understand.
You pay the price shown on our website or Discogs.
Millpond worked hard to pre-calculate the right charges.

Sales tax calculated automatically if applicable
CANADIAN BUYERS MUST SELECT THE CORRECT PROVINCE FOR SHIPPING as prices vary based on province. If you don't, we change the invoice and will request the difference before we can process the order. Sales tax added on checkout, based on where you are.
Why cancel? We're sure there's a good reason. if that happens. let us know, and we'll make you whole. If you cancel your order after payment we cannot refund paypal fees.
WE ship with fast services and many customers have commented on our FAST shipping. Whether to Canada, US or Europe, we're speedy , reliable, and TRACKED.!!!ATTENTION AMERICANS!!! Despite being next door, your parcels take a long time to get there due to USPS being underfunded. We can't speed it up, so please don't ask where your item is, just be patient and check the tracking.
No Comment needed
ALSO: We love you all ūüíõūüĖ§ūüíõ but remember we're a store, so we operate our Discogs 5 days a week during store hours, so please don't message us at 11:30pm asking why your message from 8:15pm hasn't received a response. This won't speed up your order.
No Comment needed.Please don't message via the website, or Facebook/instagram, etc as these are separate departments who don't deal with our Discogs department and won't know what you're referring to.
MILLPOND is a seaoned retailer with efficient and responsive services.Please, PLEASE stay patient. We are a small, family business, not Amazon
MILLPOND shipments are all tracked and insured. We can't be held liable for items damaged during shipping. You can work with Canada Post to try to get some money back, but once we ship it it's out of our hands.
MILLPOND ships with Canpar, Canada Post, Ascendia, UPS, USPS and Purolator. We always use out the best rates for our customers.
We ship all orders via Canada Post. All International and US orders are sent Tracked by default. Due to Covid, we do not send untracked parcels as we cannot risk anything getting lost in the mail. We do not ship surface.
If asked, the simple answer is no we do not.WE DO NOT SHIP 7s AS LETTERMAIL JUST TO SAVE A FEW BUCKS. DO NOT ASK US TO.
PICK-UP IN STORE AVAILABLE however please wait for confirmation that it's arrived. Do not show up and ask where your order is as it may not have been processed yet. PICK-UP IN STORE AVAILABLE however please wait for confirmation that it's arrived. Do not show up and ask where your order is as it may not have been processed yet.


How to Sell or Trade Books and Records at Millpond

Bring down your books or records any time the store is open. Please read below about what types of books and records we are generally interested in.

Buying/Trading for Records

We are always interested in new collections of vinyl, mostly focusing on the following genres: Open to purchase or Trade of the following…. (especially needed now are Blues/Blues Rock albums)

  • Rock
  • Blues / Blues Rock
  • Post Punk / Post Rock / Garage
  • Jazz / Soul
  • Hop Hop
  • Indie / Punk
  • Electronic


1) Used Vinyl : Please email us a list, we’d be happy to chat about what sort of records you are looking to part with. Albums and jackets need to be in excellent shape to be considered for purchase. If we are interested in the lps we can arrange a time for them to be dropped off before we open.  Please email or call us to get in touch. 519-623-4050  / info@millpondrb.ca

2) Used Cds can be accepted as trade-in value , they need to be in excellent shape to be considered for resale. If you have a higher end cd collection such as box sets, or specific genres such as Metal, Jazz & Hip-Hop these can be considered for purchase or store credit. Please email or call us and let us know what you are looking to part with and we can go from there. 519-623-4050  / info@millpondrb.ca

3) Cassettes:  looking for tapes that are nice and clean and still function!


Shipping:   We are able to deliver curbside,to your door, or by package, depending on your needs. just call us at 519-623-4050 to inquire about special delivery or pickup options. 


NEW BOOK ORDERS:  (We do NOT handle new book orders,  deal exclusively in USED books.)