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Open Fridays & Saturdays 10-12  (closed for lunch and cleaning) and from 2 to 6pm. 

49 Cedar Street, Cambridge, Ontario   ph: 519-221-1644


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Millpond Records & Books is a retail store located in Galt (Cambridge) Ontario, Canada. We carry top quality new and vintage vinyl, CDs, cassettes & books. We meticulously grade all our vinyl and books. Our website maintains a current inventory of books and vinyl ( cassettes & CD’s also, some DVD’s and VHS even). You can purchase online and pick up in store to save on shipping, or we can ship to you.

Our vinyl specialties are ROCK, ALTERNATIVE, JAZZ, and POP.

Vince (Venanzio) Jelenic

Owner of Millpond

Back in 2003 I purchased a trailer full of books, and a scale. As part of Green Spot Antiques, at the old 175 Beverly Street location (now Long & McQuade) we started selling books by the POUND. Yup, $1 a pound. A couple of bookcases quickly became well over 10,000 books. Sold records too, at 5 for $1.

In fact, we sold books & records wholesale to more than a few book and record dealers (including Milllpond when it first started in 2010)

Now, I’m back at it, having relocated Millpond to my Galt location, saving it from the wrecking ball of history (and the real one, with the building being demolished too). When I heard Millpond was closing in 2020, I moved quickly to try to revive it, during one of the most risky periods in my retail history — a full-on Covid pandemic period.
A full service vintage vinyl and bookstore lives on. I won’t even mention how much work it was to pivot the store to full online sales in order to survive. We now sell in store, from our website, from Discogs, from Biblio, and occasionally on eBay.

When you visit you may be greeted by Vince, Marsie or Joule (an adventuresome but really friendly black cat) I am thrilled to continue to build the Millpond vision of a community-oriented shop for quality affordable books and music in the picturesque West Galt area of Cambridge. Just a hop away from the Grand River, and adjacent to the new Gaslight district, a hopping area of town that will soon have many exciting amenities for the visitors to our store.

As an awesome “antiques recycler” for over 40 years, I take pride in saving items from landfill.  To date, well over 300 TONNES of landfill saved through our antiques and auction business.  By bringing back Books,  VINTAGE vinyl and music cassetes, DVD, CD and other music related items into our store, we extend those savings even more.

BE GREEN, buy Vintage! It’s the best option for you, our planet, and the future.

Looking forwards to meeting you 🙂