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track Title: Orchestral Tuning Up
track Title: Opening
track Title: Dream Sequence
track Title: Village Walk
track Title: Run
track Title: Down The Stairs
track Title: Up The Stairs
track Title: The Letter
track Title: Versailles
track Title: Cutting Flowers
track Title: Boy
track Title: Third Tantrum
track Title: Printing Press
track Title: On The Way To The Meeting
track Title: The Meeting
track Title: Post Meeting
track Title: Finale
track Title: New Dawn (Synth Layout For Cut Scene)

August 19 street date. Limited Clear Vinyl. Scott Walker follows his stunning collaboration with Sunn O))) with this remarkable soundtrack to Brady Corbets directorial debut, “The Childhood of a Leader”, Walkers first score work since the Pola X soundtrack in 1999. Partly inspired by Jean-Paul Sartres short story of the same name, The Childhood of a Leader is a tense psychological drama tracing the formative years of a young boy and set against the backdrop of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference that led to the establishment of the Treaty of Versailles. Walker continues to work with long-term collaborators Peter Walsh (co-producer) and Mark Warman (musical director), with the latter conducting an orchestra comprised of 46 string and 16 brass players for the studio recording. Both Walsh and Warman were involved in the live film score performance of The Childhood Of A Leader, alongside a 74-strong orchestra, an event which closed the Rotterdam Film Festival in February this year. Two LP editions available upon release: Black vinyl and an indie retail limited edition translucent vinyl LP. Downloads included. Since the 1960s, Scott Walker has scaled the heights of pop superstardom, produced some of the most revered solo albums of the late sixties, coasted on his laurels during the seventies, then metamorphosed into something very different. The music he has been making at his own pace since the early eighties might be utterly estranged from the songs that made him a household name, but they stem from the privacy he requires to write this complex and hugely inventive music.

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