RSD days at Millpond Records & Books. 

NOTE: looks like RSD 2022 BF is going to be about 50% “RSD FIRST” mix.  

RSD titles are divided into three categories: RSD exclusive releases, RSD limited-run/regional focus releases and “RSD First” releases.

RSD exclusive releases are available exclusively on RSD at participating stores.  These are released to indie stores on an “allocation model” (i.e. I order and have no idea if I will get any or not until the last minute)

The most rare titles sold on RSD are the limited-run/regional focus releases, which are typically limited to less than 1,000 copies. (highly unlikely  to get these for a small indie store outside the targeted region) 

In contrast, the most plentiful titles on RSD are the “RSD First” releases, which will be sold at participating indie stores for a limited amount of time before they become widely available at other outlets. (read that CAREFULLY!)

A look at this year’s rsd releases shows about 50% are now “rsd first” releases.    So why would you line up for those? (I will not pre-order these as stock, almost a sure way to lose money. ) 

If you are interested in RSD first items…. no need to rush, you can wait a few weeks, I should be able to order these from supplier shortly, perhaps at even reduced pricing. 


and if interested to see RSD releases from past years (2022,2021,2020……….etc…) here’s your choices today, lots left. .

No, we will not be participating in current or upcoming RSD days with new vinyl.  Going forwards we will have specials related to all our USED vintage vinyl on those day as per our announcements on website ( and facebook/other.) 

I hope to be in business for years to come to provide my customers with a wide and great selection of vintage vinyl, and  new releases — so NOT participating in RSD mania seems my best option at this time. 

of course…. you never know… perhaps the RSD gods will one day go back to making the releases much more “exclusives” again and giving RSD days back their meaning.


and if interested to see RSD releases from past years (2022. 2021  & 2020 etc…) here’s your choices today, lots left.