LOCKDOWN AND STORE CREDITS We still WANT your used records as trade-ins.
When taking over Millpond, we had agreed to continue with the store credits. The lockdown makes  it difficult to claim these in person. If you have store credits, please contact me, Vince, between 3 and 5 pm at 519-623-4050 and i’ll set you up with a digital coupon you can use for your ONLINE purchases now.

 How to Sell or Trade Books and Records at Millpond

Bring down your books or records any time the store is open. Please read below about what types of books and records we are generally interested in.

We also run an auction site where it is possible to consign your entire collection for quick sale for cash. Talk to us for best options.

Buying/Trading for Records

We are always interested in new collections of vinyl, mostly focusing on the following genres: Open to purchase or Trade of the following…. (especially needed now are Blues/Blues Rock albums)

  • Rock
  • Blues / Blues Rock
  • Post Punk / Post Rock / Garage
  • Jazz / Soul
  • Hop Hop
  • Indie / Punk
  • Electronic

We will buy or trade for 78s, 45s, CDs, tapes, or other forms of physical music. Especially interested in old shellac one sided records, like those from Berliner Gramophone company .

Trading for Books

We are currently trading for books, and/or we will accept donations.

This policy will change soon as the transition to the new location and space is completed. I envision a lively trading platform reinvigorated after the move to 49 Cedar Street location ( sharing space with a busy antiques store, Green Spot Antiques & a busy auction site TwoJJs Auctions

We do trade books for store credit (which can be used to purchase other books only), and are always interested in trade-ins or donations of books in great shape. We tend to look for books in the following genres:

NOTE: Books IN and OUT policy:   due to lockdown we have almost run out of space in the store for MORE books…..    and as a helpful service, we are willing to accept books for store credit BUT that store credit must be used at the time of trade-in.  This is the only solution that will work till we get back to normal operations again and books can start to FLY off the shelves again.  We appreciate your patience and understanding of the particular strain such circumstances create for us.   We look forwards to the day when many customers can again peruse our bookshelves in person, comfortably, at leisure,   and at that time our trade-in policies will change once again. 

  • Fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Recent Current Affairs / Politics
  • History
  • Nature / Environment
  • Biographies
  • Music Biographies
  • Music history
  • Children’s books of all ages
  • Young Adult fiction
  • Antique or collectible books. 
  • Trade manuals (carpentry, welding, cabin building, etc. such as Audel’s)

All trade credit notes are valid for one year from time of transaction. Record credit notes can be used to purchase books or records. Book credit notes can be used to purchase books only.


1) Used Vinyl : Please email us a list, we’d be happy to chat about what sort of records you are looking to part with. Albums and jackets need to be in excellent shape to be considered for purchase. If we are interested in the lps we can arrange a time for them to be dropped off before we open.  Please email or call us to get in touch. 519-623-4050  / info@millpondrb.ca

2) Used Cds can be accepted as trade-in value for Books only , they need to be in excellent shape to be considered for resale Used cds are not big sellers these days, but this system prevents them from going in the landfill if you are looking to make space and part with them. If you have a higher end cd collection such as box sets, or specific genres such as Metal, Jazz & Hip-Hop these can be considered for purchase or store credit. Please email or call us and let us know what you are looking to part with and we can go from there. 519-623-4050  / info@millpondrb.ca

3) Cassettes: Same deal as used CDs, but looking for tapes that are nice and clean and still function!


Shipping:   We are able to deliver curbside,to your door, or by package, depending on your needs. just call us at 519-623-4050 to inquire about special delivery or pickup options. 



We so NOT take orders for NEW ITEMS, books or records:  We sell Vintage Vinyl, CD, cassettes and books. That’s IT!