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    Ok short version:

    We've made ton of changes here at Millpond.  Come and visit and enjoy the new website and store.

    From the convenience of your home, it's better than ever here.

    Stay tuned here for the latest announcements on our progress in preparing  our new location.

    Long version below:  but well worth the read!

    Ok,   going from watching the tides come in and out. 

    we progressed from that to hiding out in a cave for  a bit. 

    It's been quite a ride reviving Millpond, but a lot of fun along the way. 

    The following might be a bit to digest, but trust me , it's worth the read. 

    Coming back out.  here's a status on Millpond Records & Books. 

    1. move all stock to new location and try to get Millpond running again. 

    2.  Lockdown: 


    3.  Store credits, still honoured.  Any that were valid from Jan 1 of 2020 are still valid now. (regular yearly expiry has been changed to perpetual = no expiry in future) 

    4.  Gift cards now added online. The recipient can use the gift card code and apply it directly ONLINE now when they purchase.  Much easier and flexible.  (you can also apply during store purchase if you like).  Amounts of $20, $50, or $100 available 

    5. Website improvements: 

    6.  Added records.  

    7.  All system on board and online again. 

    We're BACK in full swing.

    Welcome to Millpond Records & Books